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How We Work

Meet Cat's Eye Data - Your Partner in Data Solutions

In a nutshell - we work with you to understand your data requirements and optimise your operations.

Data Consultancy and Training

Working with you and your business to understand data requirements and implement solutions accordingly. We also offer training for staff and stakeholders to help them skill-up in the areas your business needs.

Strategy and Design

Process design to support the acquisition, organisation, analysis and delivery of data in accordance with business objectives.

Cloud Architecture

Designing and implementing services in order to support your data strategy

and business decision


We will design, implement and manage your data solutions. We provide centralised access to information and deliver data in accordance with business objectives, ensuring that your resources are spent wisely.

Who We Work With

Making Your Business Our Business

We are used to working with a wide range of stakeholders. Whether you are a business founder looking for a fractional CTO to drive forward your business goals or a marketeer who wants to explore how effective data can improve sales, we're here to help. We work with:

Business Founders

If you are looking for elastic capabilities or to develop and build lean architecture, we can provide the advice and guidance you need.

Executive and Board Level

If you are looking for input and reassurance on strategies or gap analysis on your existing landscape, look no further.


If you are looking for clean, timely, quality data to be able to target your audience more effectively, we have the tools to help.


If you require a force multiplier and efficient implementation without investing heavily into large teams, we can provide the support you are looking for.

Our Clients

Why Businesses Choose Cat's Eye Data

"Creative, thorough and always ready to fix a problem"

It's clear that the client is always front of mind for Tristan and the developments are fit-for-purpose, but Tristan is never afraid to flag when an upgrade or other work is needed to strengthen the platform.


Michiel Timmerman

Founder and Managing Partner, Mbuyu Capital Partners

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